Mettet 23/09/2022

Morgan International
23-09-2022 00:00

Beste vrienden,

Op 23 september organiseert het MSCCD een evenement op het circuit van Mettet, onze deelname wordt hartelijk gewaardeerd.

Al heel wat jaren reserveert Morgan Club Duitsland een dag op het Jules Tacheny circuit van Mettet. Dit jaar nam ik contact met hun voorzitter die ons graag wil verwelkomen.

Meer informatie over dit gebeuren vindt u in het bericht dat ik ontving.

In bijlage:

Het inschrijvingsdocument
Het programma
Het vereiste document ‘afstand van aanspraak’

Een warme groet, ik kijk er naar uit om u te mogen verwelkomen.

Michel Hanson


Hello Michael,

thank you for the friendly phone call. We would be delighted if you and your Morgan friends from MOG Belgium would take part in our event on September 23, 2022 in Mettet.

There will be good general conditions for newcomers. With around 20 vehicles, we will be a manageable field of drivers, so that newcomers will find their way around easily. And with regard to the participation fee, you pay the same amount as MSCCD members (450 €; see attached nomination/Nennformular).

Attached you will find the schedule, the nomination (each driver should fill it out and send it to me) and the disclaimer (please bring it signed if possible).

For the benefit of all participants and to comply with safety requirements, here are a few principles:
• Corona conditions, hygiene concept
There are no special conditions to be observed

• Body covering clothing, helmet and gloves are compulsory

• General information about the process
Some have no circuit experience.
Some don't know the route.
And some are experienced.
Consideration for each other, slower and faster should pay attention to each other.
Where can I overtake? Where do I let someone pass?

We will conduct introductory laps to get to know the track for newcomers or drivers who have no circuit experience (see attached schedule).

• Flag Knowledge
o green: no restriction
o yellow: do not overtake, Reduce speed to a moderate level
o red: do not overtake, Reduce speed to a moderate level and Leave the route at the exit
o black: a single vehicle is specifically asked to leave the route, e.g. to discuss anomalies

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Mobil: +49 172 26 47448
Member of the board for sport

Appendices to download :

- Registration

- Schedule

- Disclaimer


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